Shining Light on the DarkSide - Pt. 1


June 2nd | 12:00 - 12:30 pm EDT

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Earlier this year an unnamed ransomware group crippled the Colonial Pipeline Company using the DarkSide ransomware. The attack shutdown the largest oil distribution system in the US. It also resulted in oil and gas shortages up and down the East Coast for several days. But it also brought to the fore the growing sophistication of cyber criminals and the risks they pose to critical infrastructure and increasingly connected supply chains.

Prepare for a webinar that will shine a light on to the DarkSide ransomware operations. Join Cyborg Security's Brandon Denker and Mike Mitchell as they provide insight into the attack against the Colonial Pipeline, and suggest strategies for earlier detection through threat hunting.

Topics covered during the webinar will include:

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Insight into how ransomware operations have evolved beyond simple lone wolf groups to include a variety of actors and service providers.
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An overview of the DarkSide ransomware and its operations, and the Colonial Pipeline Attack.
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How proactive threat hunting can help in earlier detection of ransomware operations.


Join our panelists in this webinar to learn practical strategies organizations can put in place today to aid in the early detection of ransomware.


Brandon Denker

Director of Threat Research at Cyborg Security

Brandon has over 13 years of experience in the field of cyber security, covering network and endpoint analysis, security operations management, threat intelligence and incident response. At Cyborg Security, Brandon heads the team of elite threat hunters, security researchers, and content engineers.

Mike Mitchell

Co-Founder & Vice President of Engineering at Cyborg Security

Mike Mitchell has over a decade of diverse experience in the fields of security engineering and automation. At Cyborg Security Mike continues to pursue his passion, serving as the spearhead for all engineering efforts, while working closely with our threat research team to develop innovative solutions to unique threat hunting challenges!