Whether your organization is just beginning to build a threat hunting capability, or has a battle-hardened hunt team, Cyborg Security has hunting and detection content that will take your threat hunting to a new level.



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Build or Mature Your Threat Hunting Operations

  • Enables hunt teams to deploy more threat hunts at scale faster and more consistently and repeatedly.
  • Ensure your threat hunters can stay focused on the hunt and get rid of the ‘busy work’ of the pre-hunt.
  • Eliminates time consuming and complicated research, development, documentation. and constant review.
  • Empowers hunters and intelligence teams to truly operationalize third party reporting.
  • Expedites hunting for emerging threats and advanced adversaries.
  • Effortlessly deploy a turnkey threat hunting programme.
  • Efficiently transition true positive hunts into repeatable detections with transparent research and analyst notes.
  • Immediately upskill new and novice hunters into advanced hunt teams

From Blue Team to Hunt Team

  • Upskill or re-skill existing security analysts into threat hunters.
  • Guide analysts through every hunt with analyst-focused run books.
  • Close the gap on consistent remediation with battle-tested mitigation recommendations.
  • Enable SOCs to proactively hunt for suspicious and malicious behaviors when responding to incidents.
  • Expand hunting capabilities to behaviors and tactics, beyond fragile and unreliable indicators of compromise
From Blue Team to Hunt Team-01
Detection as Code-01

Detection-as-Code for Content Engineers

  • Extend existing content engineering resources.
  • Decrease time to deployment with advanced content validation. Emulation, and simulation capabilities.
  • Eliminate the need for engineering teams to constantly review and revalidate content.
  • Effortlessly keep track of all staged and deployed content, including when content is updated.