Evolve Your Threat Hunting!

Whether your organization is just beginning to build a threat hunting capability, or has a battle-hardened hunt team, Cyborg Security has hunting and detection content that will take your threat hunting to a new level.



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HUNTER Evolves Organizations' Threat Hunting!

HUNTER - Threat Intelligence (1)

Behavioral Hunting Content

Take the Fight to the Adversary!

The HUNTER platform offers an extensive catalogue of behavioral threat hunting content, pre-configured to your organization's unique environment, based on real world tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) by real adversaries. 

Threat Hunting Packages include:

  • A constant stream of hunting content based on the latest techniques, attacks, and exploits
  • Customized content engineered for your environment and toolsets
  • Detailed deployment guides, runbooks & remediations
  • Cyber Threat Emulation allows organizations to perform safe adversarial emulation
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework (v8), Cyber Kill Chain, and the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis
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Advanced Detection Content

Evolve Threat Detection Beyond IOCs

Cyborg Security's HUNTER Platform offers a constant stream of advanced threat detection packages, enabling organizations to more rapidly detect the latest malware without having to rely solely on indicators fo compromise. 

Threat Detection Packages:

  • Threat detection content to detect the most prevalent malware and threats or organizations
  • All detection content is engineered for your organization's unique environment
  • Detailed threat profiles providing up-to-date threat intelligence for hundreds of malware and threat actors
  • Detailed run books to guide analysts through triage, analysis, and remediation
HUNTER - Threat Intelligence (2)
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HUNTER - Threat Intelligence (1)

The Next Generation Threat Feed

Providing the Necessary Context and Telemetry

HUNTER provides access to SIGNS the next generation threat feed. SIGNS addresses the challenges SOCs face with traditional threat feeds. Every indicator is assessed on an ongoing basis for relevancy and accuracy to ensure only the highest fidelity indicators are included. Additionally, every indicator features hyper contextualization, enabling analysts to take immediate action when every second counts.

The SIGNS Threat Feed:

  • Covers a comprehensive variety of threats including malware and phishing
  • Hyper contextualization including threat category, malware family, and malware capabilities
  • Source reliability and information credibility scoring, allowing organizations the flexibility to choose threat data based on their risk profile.
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework (v8), Cyber Kill Chain, & Diamond Model
  • Turns alerts into actionable outcomes
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