Join the Hunt!

You’ve read the threat hunting blogs. You’ve followed some of the tutorials and deep dives on YouTube. You might have even started to sift through your own data. But you have also probably noticed that learning to threat hunt isn’t as easy as it could be. Or should be. That is why Cyborg Security is offering another first-of-its-kind interactive threat hunting workshop where anyone can learn how to threat hunt in a safe, fun, and dynamic environment!

Join Cyborg Security's expert threat hunters as they dive into the interesting MITRE ATT&CK Tactic of Execution (TA0002). The workshop will cover some of the most important background on the execution tactic, including how adversaries carry it out, what their broader objectives are, some of their tricks of the trade, and of course how threat hunters can hunt for the signs and traces of hunting to detect adversaries early in their activities.

But this Execution workshop isn't your typical "webinar." Instead, we've pulled out all the stops to make this a fully immersive learning experience!

Every attendee will be outfitted with a full-fledged threat hunting environment, equipped with some industry leading, and even real-life attack data that they can sift through and experience actual behavioral threat hunting! Every participant will also receive EXCLUSIVE access to Cyborg Security’s industry-leading library of true behavioral threat hunting content that they can take home with them.

And, continuing in our threat hunting certification series, every participant that completes the final execution challenge will be issued their very own Threat Hunting - Execution (Level I) certification and badges that you can proudly display on social media that proves you have mastered basic execution hunting!

Join us for an immersive, educational, and fun threat hunting experience that will help you Begin Your Hunt.

This workshop will cover a lot of technical ground, so if you haven't attended our previous two threat hunting workshops, we recommend you check them out below to get up to speed. 👇

Threat Hunting Workshop: Begin Your Hunt
Threat Hunting Workshop 2: Persistence is Futile

Some of the topics this workshop will cover are:


  The basics of execution including the most common mechanisms used and techniques that are most likely to be used by adversaries.
  Realistic scenarios, with real data, involving an adversary that will use some of the most widely adopted tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

    Access to an arsenal of real tools, including a hunting environment and exclusive free access to dozens of threat hunting packages that will enable participants to execute complex behavioral threat hunting.
    A guided session by an instructor that will walk participants, step-by-step, through the hunt showing them tips and tricks of the trade!

  Access to an exclusive community forum of other threat hunters where you can ask questions, get advice, and build your network!
    Attendees that successfully complete the final challenge will be issued an official Cyborg Security certification: Execution Hunting - Level I

Meet Your Threat Hunting Instructors!

Lee Archinal

Senior Threat Hunter and Content Developer, Cyborg Security

Lee is a U.S. Army veteran. While enlisted he worked as a network administrator in a wide variety of conditions. Since leaving the military he has been working in the private sector as a threat hunter and incident responder. At Cyborg Security, Lee is responsible for developing cutting edge hunting and detection content for the HUNTER platform.