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Join the Hunt!

Get ready to elevate your threat hunting skills with Cyborg Security's exhilarating and interactive workshop, focusing on the pivotal MITRE ATT&CK Tactic: Initial Access. This isn't just another workshop; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of advanced threat hunting, guided by the expertise of Cyborg Security's seasoned hunters.

Dive deep into the nuances of Initial Access, a critical area in the cybersecurity landscape. Our workshop will unpack the intricacies of this tactic, exploring the methods adversaries employ to escalate their privileges, and the clever tactics they use. We'll delve into the most prevalent techniques used for I and, crucially, show Initial Access and how to detect and counter these maneuvers in your environment.


This workshop is far from your standard webinar. It's an engaging, live, and fully interactive session, designed to bring the thrill of the hunt right to your fingertips.

Here's what sets our Initial Access workshop apart:


 Hands-On Learning Environment: You'll be equipped with your own high-grade threat hunting environment, filled with real-life data, where you can apply and hone your skills.
 Complimentary Access to Leading Tools: Gain free access to top-tier hunting tools during the workshop. These are not just for the session – take them home and continue your threat hunting journey!

 Exclusive Certification: Complete the ultimate Privilege Escalation challenge and earn your "Threat Hunting - Initial Access (Level I)" certification and badge, a testament to your newfound skills, ready to be flaunted on social media.
Dynamic Workshop Content, including:

 Core Principles of Initial Access: Understand common mechanisms and tactics likely to be employed by adversaries.
 Real-World Scenarios: Tackle realistic situations with actual data, confronting an adversary employing widely-used TTPs.
 Guided Hunting Sessions: Experience step-by-step guidance from our experts, revealing insider tips and tricks.

 Community Interaction: Join an exclusive forum of fellow threat hunters for networking, advice, and shared learning.
Embark on a journey with us for an informative, engaging, and entertaining threat hunting experience. Start Your Hunt with Cyborg Security's Initial Access workshop – where learning meets the excitement of the chase!

Meet Your Threat Hunting Instructor!

Lee Archinal

Senior Threat Hunter and Content Developer, Cyborg Security

Lee is a U.S. Army veteran. While enlisted he worked as a network administrator in a wide variety of conditions. Since leaving the military he has been working in the private sector as a threat hunter and incident responder. At Cyborg Security, Lee is responsible for developing cutting edge hunting and detection content for the HUNTER platform.