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Join the Hunt!

Jump into the fast lane with us for our upcoming webinar, "Threat Hunting: Shifting Gears in Query Tuning". This 30-minute power-packed session, presented by the seasoned threat hunter Scott Poley from Cyborg Security, will put you in the driver's seat when it comes to threat hunting query tuning. If you're looking to rev up your skills in cybersecurity, this webinar will have your engines roaring.

In this informative session, we will guide you through the winding roads of query tuning, mapping out the 'why', 'what', and 'how' of the process. We start with a primer on query tuning: what it means, and why it is done. From there, we'll speed into the intricacies of the tuning process, demonstrating how it forms an integral part of your cybersecurity toolkit.

Scott Poley will share his professional experience from the trenches of threat hunting, showcasing strategies that you can integrate into your own query tuning repertoire. His insights, based on years of tackling diverse cybersecurity threats, will provide a roadmap to navigate the challenging terrain of threat hunting.


Registrants can expect to:


 Understand the importance of query tuning in threat hunting, and why it is a critical skill for cybersecurity professionals.
 Gain insight into the practical aspects of tuning, and how it can be efficiently implemented in threat hunting operations.

 Learn from real-life scenarios and case studies shared by Scott, translating field experiences into applicable strategies.
 Familiarize themselves with common challenges in threat hunting and query tuning, along with effective solutions to overcome them.

 Acquire key advice and knowledge from a seasoned threat hunter, equipping themselves to anticipate and neutralize cybersecurity threats more effectively.
 Boost their confidence to adapt and respond in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

Meet Your Threat Hunting Tuner!

Scott Poley

Senior Threat Hunter, Cyborg Security

Scott is a U.S. Army veteran. While enlisted he worked as a Communications Specialist with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Since leaving the military he has been working in the private sector as a security analyst and security architect. At Cyborg Security, Scott is responsible for developing cutting edge hunting and detection content for the HUNTER platform.